Social media

Social media websites are where ordinary people share their lives and experiences with strangers. On another level they are a place where family and real friends can share experiences and communicate. They are also used for the advertising and promotion of businesses, consumer products and services.

Web Impressions can place your social networking content, feeds or pages, into your personal or business website. We can also place "like" and "share" buttons on your website so that visitors may further advertise your business. Wise use of social media websites can really boost the exposure of your business, it all depends on what you post, how often you post and how engaging your posted content is.

Just about every website has some form of social media integration. It's a big thing and a leading trend in website design. You will even find some "like" and "share" buttons on this website. It would be short sighted of us not to take advantage.

social media

Should you require video on your website that is not hosted on YouTube or similar video streaming website, we may charge for video processing in order that the video suits various screen sizes and doesn't cause your website to stall on loading