Search engine optimisation

Website search optimisation is something of an art. To get a website on the first page of a search engine is time consuming and very hard work. It is not just dependant on the content of the website or the relevance the website has to the search query. It is also dependant on how many links to your website, so called back links, there are out there on the Internet. And how many similar businesses are competing for rankings.

There are companies out there that promise first page rankings for a fee, this can be expensive. They may or may not fulfill the promise and depending on the techniques used, they may even get your website black listed.

By creating a Google adwords account you can get your website on page one yourself, again this costs money and how much depends on many factors. The largest being what the competition are prepared to pay for a listing. It is an auction and it can cost you dearly for little return.

What we do at Web Impressions is website SEO. Basically we use the right code in the right places with the right HTML tags so that Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. see your website in a favourable light.

Those of our clients who are based in Chesterfield and surrounding areas mainly want to attract local interest. We focus our SEO on this fact, we fine tune our SEO to return your site based on local searches. If you have a global business we will tune the SEO for global relevance.

seo missed messages?

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We make no promises as to where your website will end up in search rankings. We can only promise to do our best to ensure that your website is ranked high for relevance and content. We do have our sucesses, with some of our sites hitting page one for local business searches.