DIY website design

Websites built with Wordpress, Joomla, OpenCart and similar Content Management Systems use ready made code in the form of themes (prebuilt designs) and plug ins (ready made image galleries and contact forms etc.) which enable people with no coding experience to build and maintain thier own websites.

If you want to go alone and do everything yourself, we can setup a Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal site with a domain name, 12 months website hosting and personal email for around £60.00.

You will of course have to know or learn how to use Wordpress or your CMS of choice to create your web site. At this price we provide the initial setup and provide you with login credentials for the adminstration interface and FTP access, then the rest is up to you.

Although we do not offer any assistance in building this kind of DIY website, if you have a problem you can email support and we will point you to web resources such as guides, documentation and perhaps even video instructions which will enable you to help yourself.

Not quite so DIY web design

Alternatively if you are looking for a solution where Wordpress has already been set up for you with the website content already created and the website finished, look no further. We can design custom Wordpress themes and develop bespoke Wordpress plugins tailored for your business.

Depending on what you want to do, we can set up a website for which you are reponsible content wise. We will work with you to provide the look and functionality you need and provide some tuition on how to maintain and update the site.

At Web Impressions we don't think that a client should pay premium fees for a web site that can be created in a few days. Therefore our pricing will reflect the ease with which such a website can be built. Bear in mind, the amount of theme customisation and the number of plugins needed to reach the functionality and look required will affect pricing.

Pricing for such a web site starts at £280 and this also includes a domain name, website hosting for 12 months and personalised email.