Who are Web Impressions?

Web Impressions are an independant web design business based in Chesterfield. We are small enough to care about each and every client, yet skilled and experienced enough to provide you with the best service.

When you contact Web Impressions you always deal with the person that builds your website. There are no middle men who do not know about you and the service we provide for you. There are no computers answering telephones and there are no call center staff reading from a script.

Web Impressions have no share holders whose interests are put before that of the client. We provide a personal service and every client is important to us.

Here are some words from business owner David Heath...

"I have worked in IT for quite some time, progressing from first line support and call desk duties to senior management. I first became interested in computer technology in the early eighties when I discovered the Spectrum 48k.

I have seen a lot of changes in IT and in the way computers are used over the past thirty odd years. There is not much in the field that I have not touched upon and quite a lot that I have an in depth experience of. I have also seen many, what are in my opinion, unfavourable changes in the way that the client is treated by the service provider.

I care about the work Web Impressions produce and take pride in creating good looking, responsive and efficient websites. I also care about the client, I see a person, not source of revenue to be upsold to at every opportunity.

A positive response from a client means a great deal to me. I only consider a website finished when the client tells me they are satisfied with the results."

DH in Chesterfield

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